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Palo Alto Certified Professional Services
End-to-End Security Support

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Count on a seamless implementation that meets and exceeds customer expectations with Professional Services and Certified Experts:

  • Accelerate implementation and capability adoption

  • Minimize risk through expert planning and quality execution

  • Gain confidence in the deployment process with expert assistance and day-one protection

Pricing Varies as Per:

Hourly Rate


½ Day (4hrs) of Professional Services


1 Day(8hrs) of Professional Services


Basic Configuration Professional Services:

  • Palo Alto PA & VM Series Firewall Basic Configuration Services:

    • VM50, PA-220. PA-800 (2 Days)

    • VM100/300m PA-3200 (3 Days)

    • V500+, PA-5200 (3 Days)

    • PA-7000 Series (10+ Days)

  • Palo Alto Panorama (On Prem or Cloud) Basic Configuration Services (1 Day)

  • Cortex XDR Prevent Basic Configuration Services (2 Days)

  • Prisma Access Basic Configuration Services (3 Days)

  • Okta Silver Basic Configuration Services (2 Days)

  • Infoblox DDI Configuration Services (2 Days)

Basic Best Security Practices Services:

  • Palo Alto PA Series Health Check Services (4hrs)

    • Setup initial call to discuss current issues with firewall. Review current security configurations. Run Best Practice Assessment (BPA) from Palo Alto and review report.

  • Palo Alto Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Remediation (1 Day)

  • Okta Health Check Remediation (1/2 Day)

  • Infoblox Threat Defense Deployment (1 Day)

Advanced Security Licensing Configurations & A La Carte Services:

  • Public Cloud Deployment (+1 day)

    • 3 cloud; Same as basic, but extra time for public cloud configurations.

  • Decryption (+1/2 day)

    • Create certs, customer deploys configuration, create basic policies.

  • GlobalProtect (+1/2 day)

    • Self-signed or public cert, LDAP/Radius auth, security policy changes.

  • Site to Site VPN (+1/2 day)

    • Create configuration and deploy a minimum of 2 VPNs; Includes time for troubleshooting.

  • SD WAN (+1/2 day)

    • Deploy configuration to support WAN optimization; Includes time for troubleshooting.

  • IoT (+1/2 day)

    • Create policies for IoT learning.

  • AppID Migration Service (+3 day)

    • Fine tune or migrate customer configuration.

  • DLP Deployment (+1 day)

    • Create policies for the protection of information.

  • Okta Add-ons (+1/2 day)

    • Additional auth domains, or additional apps.

  • Infoblox DDI Integration (+2 day)

    • Integrate AD domain, DNS, & DHCP.

Managed Services

Firewalls are the first line of defense against both external & internal threats and properly managed firewalls simply protect better. Firewalls are difficult to manage and take up a lot of time with continued monitoring of security events, compliance reporting and firmware updates. Managed Firewall Services will ensure that your firewall is setup properly, maintained and monitored.

Firewall Engineering Support

  • Traffic and Applications Report
  • URL Category detection Report
  • User activity correlation and analysis
  • Intrusion Detection report
  • Quarterly review and analysis

Firewall System Management and Updates

  • Offsite backup of Configuration
  • Annual software and licensing updates
  • Firewall Ruleset changes
  • SSH Key Management
  • VPN Tunnels (Adds/ Changes)
  • Anti-Virus, Content filter Management
  • Application Management Control
  • SDN Service Management

Firewall Monitoring and Altering

  • Firewall Monitoring and Altering
  • Hosted Access to FW Vendor Management Platform (if Applicable)
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Altering
  • Wide Area circuit monitoring for WAN failures

Firewall Engineering Support

  • VPN Tunnels (Adds/ Changes)
  • Anti-Virus, Content filter Management
  • Application Management Control

Please Note The Requirements:

The following Manufacture contracts must be actively maintained during the life of this Managed Firewall Service Agreement:
  • NBD Hardware Replacement
  • Security Updates Subscription
  • Firewall Firmware updates Subscription

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