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High-Performance Threat Prevention

Enterprise networks are rife with applications that can evade detection. Common methods include dynamically hopping ports, re-using other ports, emulating other applications or tunneling inside SSL. The use of evasive applications has not gone unnoticed by attackers as they increasingly use these invisible applications to transport threats past the firewall. Content-ID melds a uniform threat signature format, stream-based scanning and a comprehensive URL database with elements of application visibility to detect and block a wide range of threats, control non-work related web surfing, and limit unauthorized file and data transfers.


Content-ID gives you a real-time threat prevention engine, combined with a comprehensive URL database, and elements of application identification to:

The application visibility and control of App-ID, coupled with the content inspection enabled by Content-ID, empowers your IT team to regain control over your application traffic and related content.

Integrated IPS and Anti-Malware

Content-ID provides you with fully integrated protection from vulnerability exploits, malware and malware generated command-and-control traffic. As with all Palo Alto Networks analysis, threat prevention is applied in full application and protocol context - across all your traffic and ports - to ensure that threats are detected and blocked, despite evasion attempts. Our threat prevention technologies include:

Our Anti-Spyware also passively analyzes DNS queries to identify the unique patterns of botnets. This reveals infected users and prevents data from leaving your enterprise.

URL Filtering

Our fully integrated URL filtering database lets you more easily and effectively enforce your policies for web browsing, which complements the policy-based application visibility and control delivered by our next-generation firewalls. Tie your URL filtering visibility and policy controls to specific users through transparent integration with enterprise directory services like Active Directory, LDAP and eDirectory. You can gain even more insight into your URL filtering by generating customizable reports and through log analysis.

File and Data Filtering

The data filtering features in Content-ID enable you to implement policies that reduce the risks associated with the transfer of unauthorized files and data.