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Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud
Comprehensive cloud native security

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud

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Prisma™ Cloud delivers complete security across the development lifecycle on any cloud, enabling you to develop cloud native applications with confidence.

The modern enterprise requires cloud native security

The move to the cloud has changed all aspects of the application development lifecycle – security being foremost among them. Security and DevOps teams face a growing number of entities to secure as the organization adopts cloud native approaches. Ever-changing environments challenge developers to build and deploy at a frantic pace, while security teams remain responsible for the protection and compliance of the entire lifecycle.

Prisma Cloud: The Cloud Native Security Platform

Comprehensive cloud native security

Comprehensive cloud native security

  • Deliver complete visibility, automation, detection and response across any compute, network or cloud service.
  • Enforce hundreds of out-of-the-box governance policies that help ensure compliance and enforce good behavior.

Full lifecycle

Full lifecycle

  • Eliminate issues early and prevent alert fatigue by seamlessly integrating security early and throughout the application lifecycle, from IDE, SCM, CI/CD and registries to runtime.
  • Leverage continuous vulnerability management and automated risk prioritization across the entire cloud native stack and lifecycle. Easily investigate any incident.

Across any cloud

Across any cloud

  • Monitor, secure and maintain compliance on multi- and hybrid-cloud environments with a single integrated platform.
  • Leverage purpose-built solutions for public clouds, such as AWS®, Google Cloud™ and Microsoft Azure®, as well as secure your on-premises investments like OpenShift®.

Prisma Cloud pillars

  • Visibility, governance & compliance
    Gain deep visibility into the security posture of multi-cloud environments. Keep track of everything that gets deployed with an auotmated asset inventory, and maintain compliance with out-of-the-box governance policies that enforce good behavior across your environments.
  • Compute security
    Secure hosts, containers and serverless throughout the application lifecycle. Detect and prevent risks by integrating vulnerability intelligence from IDE, SCM, CI/CD and to registries and runtime. Enforces ML-based runtime protection to protect applications and workloads in realtime.
  • Network protection
    Continuously monitor network activity for anomalous behavior, enforce microservice-aware microsegmentation and implement industry-leading firewall protection. Protect the network perimeter as well as the connectivity between containers and hosts.
  • Identity security
    Monitor and analyze user and entity behavior across your environments to detect and block malicious actions. Gain visibility into and enforce governance policies on user activities, and manage the permissions of both users and workloads.

Protection for cloud environments


Protection for applications and data across AWS - including EC2, ECS and Lambda functions.

Microsoft Azure

Protection for your applications and data across Microsoft Azure - including AKS, ACR or Azure Functions.

Google Cloud

Protection for your applications and data across Google Cloud - including Anthos, GKE, and serverless functions.

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