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Cortex XSIAM
A Vision to Radically Transform Security Operations

Cortex XSIAM

Introducing the extended security intelligence and automation management platform

A major challenge in cybersecurity today is our inability to leverage massive scales of data for our defense. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions have served security operations for many years as a way to aggregate and analyze alerts and logs - with incremental improvement in security outcomes. As compute and data storage have improved exponentially over the last decade, it is essential to radically reimagine how we can deliver real-time security that can match pervasive, AI-powered cyber attacks.

Enter Cortex® XSIAM, the first AI-powered SOC platform that will revolutionize the way data, analytics and automation get deployed to outpace threats. Built from the ground up as an autonomous security platform, Cortex XSIAM turns widespread infrastructure telemetry, threat intelligence and external attack surface data into an intelligent data foundation to fuel best-in-class artificial intelligence and dramatically accelerate threat response.


Stop breaches with dramatically better security:

Build an Intelligent Data Foundation

Cortex XSIAM lets you turn widespread telemetry into an intelligent data foundation ready to power advanced analytics while allowing you to utilize data at half the cost of legacy solutions.

Accelerate Response

Cortex XSIAM leverages the data foundation to detect new adversary tactics with self-learning cloud-delivered AI and natively automates key steps of incident investigations.

Outpace Threats

Cortex XSIAM continuously discovers vulnerabilities through native attack surface management and as well as integrated threat intelligence from 57,000 Palo Alto Networks customers.

Outsmart adversaries with autonomous cybersecurity


  • INTELLIGENCE, NOT JUST DATA - The cost-effective, cloud-based system automatically collects, analyzes and prepares your data for maximum downstream value.
  • AI-DRIVEN THREAT DETECTION & REMEDIATION - Find hidden threats like insider abuse, credential attacks, malware and exfiltration with behavioral analytics and AI. Automate response actions using self-learning analytics.
  • PROACTIVE SECURITY - Outsmart adversaries by continuously discovering vulnerabilities through native attack surface management and automating response based integrated threat intelligence from 57,000 Palo Alto Networks customers.