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Get next-generation firewall security from Palo Alto Networks wherever you need it, regardless of location or your environment.

Distributed Enterprise:


Your organization is more distributed than ever before. In addition to your traditional, centralized corporate headquarters, your enterprise probably includes smaller branch offices, employees working remotely from home, or roaming users. Your users may move from one location to another within the span of a business day. While this flexibility enables new gains in productivity, it also leads to dangerous inconsistencies and compromises in terms of your information security.


Palo Alto Networks delivers a consistent approach to network security based on applications, users, and content that always protects your end-users with the full power of our next-generation firewalls, regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, management and reporting for all of your locations can be centralized, freeing your IT team from having to manage multiple "one-off" security solutions.

Consistent security across all platforms.

Palo Alto Networks designed all of its hardware platforms to consistently deliver the full functionality of the industry's only true next-generation firewall. All of our platforms, from the top-end PA-5000 Series to the PA-200 for enterprise branch offices, share an identical approach to App-ID, User-ID, and Content-ID. Every platform is built on a consistent architecture that dedicates resources to both the data and control planes to ensure high-speed security and manageability. While your policies may vary by location, the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall platform makes sure that you never have to settle for less firepower at any point across your network.

Always-on protection for mobile users.

More employees are working outside of the office from the road, at home or from a local coffee shop. GlobalProtect keeps roaming users logically connected to your enterprise network - and protected by your network policy - even when they are physically outside your office. GlobalProtect provides a transparent agent that ensures that all the visibility, control, and threat prevention of our next-generation firewall applies consistently to all of your enterprise traffic. GlobalProtect allows you to embrace new devices safely, and provides coverage for today's most popular computing platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS
  • Android

GlobalProtect offers additional licensable policy controls that can check the configuration of your endpoint automatically to ensure that it is in compliance with your corporate standards. It can detect if:

  • The operating system has the proper patches.
  • The antivirus software is up to date.
  • Disk encryption is enabled.

GlobalProtect integrates these controls with our next-generation firewall, making it possible to restrict access to your sensitive applications if the user's endpoint needs remediation. Combined with our next-generation application, user, and content controls,  GlobalProtect gives you the greater precision and flexibility you need to design the ideal security policy for your enterprise.

Centralized visibility and control over all locations.

Panorama provides centralized visibility and management for all of your Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. From a central location, it gives you insight into the applications, users, and content traversing your firewalls. This maximizes your protection and control, while minimizing administrative efforts. Analysis, reporting, and forensics can be performed with the aggregated data over time, or against more recent data, delivered to you on-demand.

Palo Alto Networks believes in management consistency, no matter which management mechanism is being used, from Panorama and our device user interface, to our command line interface (CLI). The management interface for Panorama shares the same web-based look and feel as the next-generation firewall. This minimizes learning curves or delays in executing the task at hand.